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SEFI - a sensory elemental dining experience

Fine dining på Vippa


  • Dato: 29. sep. 2023 - 19:00 - 23:00
  • Påmeldingsfrist: 29. sep. 2023
  • Sted: Vippa
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  • Arrangør: Økouka Oslo
How does it feel to sense soil?
How does it feel to listen to water?
How does it feel to watch fire?
How does it feel to smell air?
How does it feel to be alive with all senses stimulated and nourished?
Sefi means “sense, feeling” in old norse.
This sensory dining experience invites you to explore the experience of being a human being through all the sense organs.
Through a landscape of 5 gourmet dishes Michelin chef Paul Einar Bak and Kenneth Mood will open you up to new levels of feeling and being.
The Sefi experience includes live music, herbal infusions and sensory treats that will be held and presented by Jacob N. Germain from Nattura/Roots and Culture and Mira B. Laurantzon from Økouka.
Place: "Leiligheten", Chambre Séparée, Vippa
Maxiumum guests: 15.
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Mira Laurantzon Laurantzon
Telefon: 452 19 397
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